Merchant Terms & Conditions

All Online Shop ("Website", "", "We", "Us", and "Our" from herein) sellers ("sellers" and "merchants") are expected to adhere to the following policies when operating and listing their products on Website. 

In addition to the below Rules & Regulations, all sellers are bound by the same Terms of Use & Service and Privacy Policy like any other member of the Website.

Seller/Merchant Rules & Regulations

All vendors are strictly required to follow these Rules & Regulations to ensure good reputation and maintenance of trust by buyers. Ensure you act fairly and honestly, and in addition, but not limited to; 

  • Provide accurate information to Online Shop and customers at all times, about your products;
  • Act fairly and not misuse Website or its additional products and/or services;
  • Not attempt to damage, abuse or hinder the capacity of another seller/merchant, their listings or ratings;
  • Do not send unsolicited or inappropriate communications, or use/sell any personal information in any way;
  • Provide the best possible customer care before and after sale, to ensure good ratings and to build trust and relationships.

Violation of the above, and any other policies set out by Online Shop such as Terms of Use & Service, may result in actions against your account, such as cancellation of any listings, suspension or forfeiture of any and all payments, removal of selling privileges and in severe circumstances legal action depending on violation.

Lawful Behavior

You must always act fairly and lawfully and never misuse any product and/or service provided to you in good faith by Online Shop. You must not do the below, which are several examples, and are not limited:

  • Provide misleading or inappropriate information to Online Shop or Website customers, this may include, but is not limited to, creation of multiple seller accounts for same product for price gouging, or posting fake reviews via fake purchases to increase your seller reputation;
  • Attempt to increase price of a pre-ordered product after customer has already purchased said product;
  • Artificially inflate traffic to your seller page, whether via bots or paid-for-clicks via bot-farms;
  • Attempt to damage another sellers/merchants reputation via defamation, or attempt to bring down their listings or ratings.

Communication Services

You must adhere to the Terms of Use & Service, specifically section "Use of Communication Services". You may not send unsolicited marketing or inappropriate messages to any customers; whether past or present, without their consent. All communications must be carried out via the allowed Communication Services and only for necessary things, such as delivery confirmation, answering of questions and so forth, as long as it is applicable and has been solicited. Marketing communications which direct customers to another marketplace of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Third Party Websites

You are not allowed to attempt to circumvent the Online Shop sales process and divert customers to another website. This means that you may not provide links or messages that prompt customers to visit any external website or complete a transaction elsewhere. The only exception is a link to a legitimate, non-advertiser friendly image hosting website, where more photos can be shown or further product information such as but not limited to legal information, notices of changes to product, recall information, and schematics.

Data Held About Customers

When you sell products via the Website you will receive customer information such as name, address, phone number and other applicable details to successfully fulfill orders, you may use that information only for the fulfillment of orders and/or communication with customers who interact with you, please refrain from using this information to spam or send unsolicited mail, e-mail or make unsolicited phone calls. 

Customers who are purchasing a product on behalf of someone else, to 'dropship', provide consent that the party which the goods will be shipped to has given consent to use of such information. Online Shop, its owners and/or operators are not responsible for accuracy, or maintenance of such data.

Multiple Seller Accounts

You may only have and use only one seller account at any given time, unless you have a legitimate business reason for opening a second seller account. This does not mean it is an escape for bad feedback, negative reviews or multiple disputes.

You are only allowed to operate multiple seller accounts only if you are:

  • Operating multiple brands and maintain each as a separate business;
  • You manufacture products for two distinct and separate industries;
  • You are a verified Online Shop partner which allows for additional seller accounts.

Fees and Payments

Opening a seller account is free, however all sellers are subject to a 8% fee for every product sold. This fee is deducted from the final value of the product sold and may be increased/decreased with 30 days notice - it is the responsibility of the seller(s) to review this page for any applicable changes.

Sellers are encouraged to submit tracking information of every product shipped, however this is not necessary, once delivery is confirmed either via tracking or by the customer, a seller may request the payment to be released to them via IBAN, SWIFT or PayPal (sellers are subject to PayPal fees should they choose this transfer method). If delivery is not confirmed either via tracking or the customer, and no dispute is raised by the customer (such as damaged goods, refund request for incorrect product or other such concerns) the seller can request a payout 30 days after the order has been shipped in which case the buyer forfeits any return and/or refund rights. 

Digital products which are instntly delivered to the buyer do not have the same implications. Sellers of digital products can request payments as soon as they reach the treshold.

You have to have at least £15.00 worth of sales to request withdrawal of payment to ensure good financial standing is met. However should you not forsee further sales or need the money immediately you can contact our support to request this. 

Copyright & Rights Infringement

Online Shop, and it's parent company, Online Shop Technologies Ltd., respects the rights of intellectual property, trademark, patent and copyright holders. Online Shop, its owners and/or operators do not condone any violation of aforementioned, and will work with all organizations to resolve any legal disputes. Online Shop, its owners and/or operators do not accept any liability of copyright infringement, or any other such infringement as stated in our Terms of Use & Service

If you are a copyright holder and believe there is a seller/merchant or a member who is violating such rights, please send an e-mail to our legal department via, for further guidance please refer to our Terms of Use & Service.

As a seller/merchant it is your responsibility to ensure you own all and any applicable rights and/or licenses to products you manufacture, sell, own and/or showcase within your seller/merchant page. By creating a seller/merchant account you agree to be held liable for all and any action which may be taken against you by the rights holder and/or agent, should you be found in violation of any applicable laws, rights, patents, trademarks or licenses.

If you are found to be filing dubious notices against other sellers/merchants and are found submitting false claims against other sellers to benefit your own selling account (in order to remove competing listings, for example), your account will be terminated without notice and all payments withheld (if any).

Acceptance of Guarantees

As a seller/merchant you must accept the following guarantees in order to sell on the Website:

  • Provide a truthful delivery guarantee on all products, check that you are able to deliver said goods without hindrance to the customer unless otherwise agreed. The seller/merchant should ensure all postage, shipment and logistics information is as accurate as possible - ensure you specify which countries your product can be shipped to and whether the buyer is responsible for any customs duties, taxes or VAT charges - this can be done within the product description if needed or the shipping settings within your dashboard (by selecting only the areas you want to deliver to);
  • Guarantee a 30-day money back guarantee if the products do not match the product description and/or are not as described or expected, for example, if a product is advertised as having a 'Blue' colour attribute, ensure that the product received by the buyer is not 'Red';
  • Ensure you have a returns policy and a refunds policy which is fair and balanced, if there is no policy in place, the default Online Shop Return & Refund Policy will apply.

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