How to Sell Online with Online Shop

How to Sell Online with Online Shop

An Online Shop is what it says on the tin, your shopfront, you can use this to become more profitable and be more flexible when it comes to selling online. There are important fundamentals you first must learn to find out if opening a shop and start selling online is the right fit for you. 

1. What's E-Commerce?

E-commerce simply means the transaction of buying or selling products or services online without having your customers come and visit you in person to complete the transaction. Over the last several years, e-commerce has become increasingly important for all types of businesses, even those that still have physical shops, or even those who offer experiences or services. Joining a marketplace such as Online Shop to sell physical and digital goods gives your business greater flexibility and provides many benefits. Trading online is now a key asset of any strategic business that aims to grow and increase sales volume. 

2. Benefits of selling online 

Starting an Online Shop and selling online provides numerous advantages including: 

  1. Increasing reach - creating an account and starting to sell your products via the Online Shop marketplace will provide your business and your products greater reach, as more and more search online for products you have a greater chance of being seen by thousands and sometimes even millions of prospect online shoppers! All without having to hire resources or pay money for marketing. 
  2. Flexibility - an Online Shop provides you the flexibility of secure payments, a beautiful shopfront, and exceptional customer support. You also do not need to spend hours hiring designers, coders and project managers to create you a website, or develop you custom Point of Sales tools, inventory management, logistics software and more. An Online Shop gives you the opportunity to also choose the hours you work, and when you fulfil your orders.
  3. Cost Effective - by starting to sell online you're saving a lot of money that would be otherwise spent on other financial commitments such as marketing, design and development or even not having to have a premises which would subject you to a long and unfair lease. 
  4. Data - you get access to all of the data which helps you to optimise and see how you are performing, best and worst products, how your customers behave, make improvements and create a winning business strategy that works for you and your customers.

3. What can you sell online?

You can sell almost anything and everything online, within limitations, policies of Online Shop and laws of both the country you are operating from and are planning to ship and sell your products to. It's important to know the limitations of your intended country of port, for example Online Shop is a British based service, which follows English law. Make sure you know the laws of your own country, and those of England, if for example you are going to sell to British customers.

4. Fulfillment

If you're selling tangible products, fulfilment or shipping is a key element of your success. Make sure you have reasonable delivery times for the products you sell. You should also consider key elements of your fulfilment strategy such as, do you want to store the products yourself and ship them yourself, or use Online Shop's fulfilment service which will allow you to send items to a warehouse and have the products be fulfilled by Online Shop itself? Make sure your shipping speeds are fast and costs low to increase chances of winning over buyers. 

5. Returns

You will need to be able to process returns - nobody likes sellers who do not accept liability for damaged or wrong products. Make sure you have a policy which covers refunds and replacements, if not, the Online Shop Return & Refund Policy will apply by default. Be fair and reasonable, you'd be surprised how many customers understand delay of product under certain circumstances. 

6. Legal Requirements 

When you are selling online there are laws and regulations which you need to comply with and abide by. Make sure you use your company name, address and real details when registering for an account. Make sure you store customer information properly and do not share or sell it to third parties for monetary gain. Make sure all of the products you sell are of satisfactory quality, as described and fit for purpose. Make sure the images you use are owned by you, and you have licenses to sell branded goods. You can refer to full policies of Online Shop in the footer below. 

Selling online shouldn't be difficult, this is why we made the process of opening your very own Online Shop as easy as possible.