Online Shop Opens Fulfillment & Warehouse Centre

Online Shop Opens Fulfillment & Warehouse Centre

Online Shop has been officially incorporated in the heart of England, Harrogate as its permanent UK-base. The 20,500 sq. feet premises will help deliver products faster and more efficiently to the rest of England, Scotland and Wales. The new premises will support a mixture of functions including logistics, packaging, storage and offices shared with neighboring company WHM, owned and operated by lead investor Robin Vauvelle

Online Shop originally co-founded by entrepreneurs Terry McGinnis and Joe Todd as an off-shoot of its sister website, has seen immense success in the recent months since its marketplace launch. Founder and current Managing Director, Terry McGinnis has made a statement on the matter:

"Online Shop was born as an idea several years ago, when my first brick and mortar business didn't do too well and I had too much stock leftover, fast track several years down the line and both Joe and I tried our hands at a dropshipping platform that didn't go to plan, out in San Jose, California. Whilst we both remotely worked on it, with a great team and a pool of talent we longed for a better, hands on approach and solution, which inevitably spun off into what today has become Cozy, and a sister-service to Online Shop with a focus on comfort, home and mind. Both Joe and I aimed our focus to the respectable projects, hand-in-hand, to make them as successful and as profitable for all stakeholders involved. 

This is a monumental achievement and the momentum continues to build. Considering we have only been in existance for less than 5 months, we now have a warehouse, logistics centre and plenty of office space to help us rapidly grow. This comes in big part to lead investor and mentor Robin Vauvelle, who without, none of this would be possible and who has taught me so much in the last 4-years of working together as part of WHM, Veriaty and an array of different projects. We have numerous suppliers applying for our fulfilment services to stock their products and have them ship out within rapid timeframes using our logistics partners, putting both supplier and end-customer at the centre of our business strategy. 

Such expansion requires careful due-diligence, funding and legal counsel in big thanks to our Head of Legal, Oliver Saxon to ensure everything is finely tuned and operational. This is the first step in our long process of taking the UK-wide market by storm, and ensuring we uplift the UK economy. We aim to run this as a proper, sustainable business and reach UK unicorn status in the next 5 years, not a run-of-the-mill passion project or startup. Our specialty isn't the technology which power us, anyone can have and make it, it is our core values, our customers and our leadership - what Britain has represented so well for so many centuries. This is only the first step, and a very good step, without such funding from Robin and other partners, premises and fulfilment we would not be able to succeed in such a crowded market, therefore its important to recognise every major step we take."

The distribution development pipeline and bespoke fulfilment service will provide additional recurring monthly revenue and will enable for up to 20-new jobs to be created in the local Harrogate area, from customer service staff to warehouse and fulfilment operatives.