About Us

Our Story

Online Shop was founded by entrepreneurs Terry McGinnis and Joe Todd to champion independent retailers and provide a homegrown alternative to giant conglomorates which control the marketplace space, making it unfair for both sellers and customers which use them. The idea originally came to Terry McGinnis when his physical business, a bubble tea, waffle and ice cream roll failed and he had hundreds of deadstock items left which he could not sell, and had difficulty selling through digital means, such as existing marketplaces. 

Fast forward several years and both Terry McGinnis and Joe Todd had several business ventures under their belt, not only making them business partners but also best of friends who wanted to improve the quality of life for others, through a service which started as a comfort marketplace called Cozy. With the ever growing demand for a fresh perspective on the marketplace formula, both entrepreneurs decided to focus on different areas of the e-commerce category, with Joe taking over reigns of Cozy in full, and Terry focusing on creating an open-to-all marketplace which would streamline processes for sellers and make purchasing goods easier for customers. 

With proven traction, both big and small brands joining and with substantial investment from lead investor Robin Vauvelle, both business partners had joined forces again to help enable businesses connect to customers, more easily and affordibly. 

Our Ethos

Seller Focus: we enable sellers transform the way they sell and interact with customers, with the focal point of democratizing commerce and making it more social, customers are aware of who they are buying from and are enabled to interact with brands and sellers directly for the greatest customer experience possible. We provide the brand recognition, protection and technology necessary for sellers of any size to scale quickly and efficiently without hassle, with aspirations to become UK's leading e-commerce platform, bridging the gaps left by big conglomorates. 

Customer Focus: We focus on customers first by providing total transperancy and communication between sellers and customers. Our buyers are able to see where their products come from to ensure they're happy with the logistics. We also provide protection and peace of mind to customers in form secure payments, encryped communication and an escrow system which allows customers to feel re-assured that the goods they order are delivered on time and without hassle, just as they have ordered. 

Our Mission Statement

We pursue market positioning through ethical trading, exceptional customer support and social awareness which can be seen in our business practices, advertising and service. We aim to be UK's biggest and most ethical commerce partner for sellers and customers, providing them with the necessary tools and services through digital empowerment to sell more and purchase better quality products at more affordable prices. 

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